New Year’s Day is my favorite holiday.  It’s the perfect time to start fresh by letting go of things, habits, financial fears, simply anything that isn’t working for you.  You can also set intentions for how you want to feel, live, play, earn, spend, save and love this year!

Create a 2014 Money Love Action Plan.  Clear away any end-of-year money fog by taking an inventory and re-connecting with your money.  Make it sacred with candles, music, plenty of time and something sweet – whatever makes YOU feel good.

Reflect – What went well this year financially?  What were the biggest surprises?  What do I need to change in my money life?  What support do I need to help me realize my dreams?

Plan Ahead – Write down at least 12 mini and big financial goals for yourself.  Put them on your calendar, write them on a whiteboard in your office, make it visual on Pinterest (check out mine), or print them out in hot pink ink and post on your fridge.  Whatever you do, it’s inspiring to document and share your plan!

Mini Money Goals – Take some of mine and mix in your own.

☐ track my cash spending

☐ have a 20-minute money date with my husband every Sunday after brunch

enter business and household spending in the Money Minder at least twice a week

re-org my home office

Big Money Love Goals  – Take what you like and leave the rest.  Make it personal!

☐ complete my business and personal annual spending plans by Jan. 15th

☐ file taxes by Feb. 1st

☐ return to debit-only spending

☐ consolidate all business, personal and savings accounts at one bank

☐ write a personal finance book

☐ have an hour-long money love date with my husband on the last Sunday of every month

☐ interview financial advisors to review joint assets and complete estate plan

Celebrate – Completing this ritual is a big deal and you deserve to celebrate!

☐ take a bath

☐ attend a restorative yoga class

☐ book a massage

☐ order sushi

☐ go for a walk

☐ call a friend who makes you laugh

☐ do something that makes you feel absolutely fabulous inside and out

A Money Love Action Plan is an awesome way to ring in the new year!