Money is a naturally confronting topic, so we need to take extra care of ourselves (and others) when dealing with it. There are numerous simple, yet powerful exercises you can use to reduce anxiety and increase a sense of calm and confidence. These 5-minute resets can expand your sense of connection to the universe and good orderly direction. When centered and grounded, our communication, and even money, flows more easily. We’re more likely to respond rather than react. These exercises help to bring us out of scarcity thinking, back into our bodies and the present moment. The biggest challenge can be remembering to use one of these tools when we’re off-center, triggered, feeling stressed about money or hungry, angry, lonely or tired (HALT). 

Feelings and Anxiety Management Techniques

  1. Tip of the tongue against the soft palate / roof of your mouth
  2. Alternate nose breathing
  3. Squeeze your thumb and first finger on the pressure point in the meat of one hand then switch
  4. Inhale counting seconds then exhale longer
  5. Place your hand in front of your mouth to feel the warm and cool breaths
  6. Wiggle your toes
  7. Mindful walking – focus on feeling the floor or ground beneath your feet
  8. Spend time in nature
  9. Place two fingers on your lips and hold
  10. Scan your body head to toe with breath awareness 
  11. Clench fists and let go
  12. Lay on your back with one hand on your belly, the other hand on your chest – notice your hands moving up and down
  13. Rub your eyes very gently and soften your gaze taking everything in, then harden your gaze by focusing intently on one object
  14. Place open hands palms down on your belly just under rib cage – notice the distance between thumbs go closer and farther apart with each breath
  15. Contemplative prayer (meditation)
  16. Restorative or Yin Yoga
  17. Thai (or any style) massage

All of these techniques are designed to help you pause, slow down, clarify thinking, decrease your heart rate and soften any sense of urgency. Try one at a time, or one every day, easy does it. Always begin and end with a few deep breaths. Some tactics can be as short as a few seconds and others can be repeated and practiced for several minutes. You can use sensory experiences like these before, during or after challenges you may encounter in your daily or financial life. These tools provide a sense of safety and relaxation for your mind and may be just what you need to bring an overwhelming sensation or thought back into its right size, a passing moment in time.