Personal Finance Re-Org


Our work together includes:      

  • Personal Money Minder Software Mentoring – moneyminderonline.com
  • Karen McCall’s book Financial Recovery
  • Access to a confidential Q & A money coaching group on Facebook
  • Unlimited email access to Carrie between appointments (within reason)
  • Access to Carrie’s personal network of talented professionals
  • A myriad of tools including Monthly and Annual Spending Plans & Summaries, a Periodic Calendar for anticipated non-monthly expenses, a Debt Repayment Plan (if needed), a Needs & Wants/Desires Assessment, an Action Plan and a Net Worth Statement. In addition, you will practice using a Personal Money Practice, Money Affirmations, Money Autobiography, Values Clarification, Earning Ceiling Meditation, Debt & Savings Pyramids, Spending Journal, Life-Energy Number, Holiday Planner, and a Work History Inventory.

We will cover:

  • Setting goals for what you want to accomplish and address in your financial life
  • Letting go of “Money Fog” – avoidance and fear of money
  • Practicing financial awareness on a daily basis
  • Reviewing self-care routines
  • Creating and maintaining a flexible monthly spending plan (a.k.a. budget)
  • Developing a debt repayment plan, if needed
  • Saving for periodic expenses, a safety net, and investments
  • Family history
  • Laying the foundation for your long-term financial plan
  • Have a sense of control, freedom and peace of mind about money
  • Designing your personal vision for a financially balanced lifestyle
  • Analyzing current employment, income strategies, tax planning, and business development
  • Mastering financial tools and distinctions