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What I have enjoyed most about working with you is your openness to doing things in a flexible way that meets the needs of everyone involved.  This works in part because of one of your many strengths — you listen.  Your work with my daughters over the years affected all of us — and the others involved in your coaching as well — by creating a space that I didn’t need to fill, by allowing me to totally relax in the knowledge that you would do what needed to be done in a kind, loving but demanding way.

– Attorney in San Francisco

I think you’ve done an amazing job and you’re so skillful.  I have really appreciated the chance to work with you in this process.  Your use and translation of the Money Minder tools has been incredibly helpful – I learned a tremendous amount.  You offered a whole bunch of information, but also you helped me relax with the process.  This topic is a tough one and I appreciate your style and way of being supportive while guiding us on the rigorous path of clearing the money fog.  You can’t pretend with this stuff.  It’s very sobering, but I think you’re great at what you do.  It’s been such an amazing journey.  Thank you for your generosity.

– Violinist in Sacramento

I enjoy knowing that you personally have been through the process of money coaching and employ it’s system in your daily life, in essence you are walking the walk. Because I might know you a little better than some of your other clients I know that you are deeply committed to creating a better life for yourself. You really are a soldier of self-improvement and I find that inspiring, invigorating and motivating. I love your gentle, non-judgmental nature. Money is probably one of the most sensitive components of a person’s life. What a person spends their money on says a lot about them. It’s kind of like standing naked in front of someone, maybe worse than that. Because of your own courage in letting go of things that don’t serve you it makes it easier to bring my struggles to the table knowing they will be met with compassion and encouragement. Even though you are the coach, it often feels like we are meeting as equals which I think allows for more honesty on my part which we all know is essential for this kind of work.

Your gentle, compassionate and non-judgemental approach creates a safe harbor for people dealing with money which can carry so much shame. I also find your focus on ‘progress not perfection’ to be hugely helpful when it feels like the road ahead has no end. Because you have made self-improvement a priority in your own life you have so much experience to draw on. I love that you share your experiences with me. For example, you shared that you once took an inventory of your entire closet, this is something I had never considered. While I have not done it yet, it is a great idea and is something I will do. I really enjoy hearing about the systems, practices, and exercises you’ve tried in your own healing around money, overall health and well-being.

I can honestly say that just about ever dollar I spend is accounted for. Sometimes at the end of the month there can be over $100 that is not accounted for on my Money Minder, but my hunch is that it has something to do with how I entered my money because I now consistently track my money. I know the goal is to have a balanced plan at the end of the month, but even if $100 is unaccounted for, that is still a success because before we started working together, ALL of my money was unaccounted for. As a result of our work, I have successfully changed jobs and increased my hourly rate by $5/hr with one client and $8/hr with another, but also now have health insurance and education benefits.

Before I started working with you, I was in a cycle of yo-yo debting and I thought this was okay because I always paid off my debt at some point. Every year I had to make a $2,000-3,000 payment on my credit card debt with a gift from my grandfather. It’s so exciting to have a zero balances on my credit cards and be able to contribute that gift wholly to current and future needs.  Currently, I have been debt-free for over six months and have contributed over $4,000 to my savings, even as I write this I can’t believe it!   Thank you for guiding me to this place.  What’s also incredible is that while this is MONEY coaching, so much more is healed by identifying family and personal patterns around money. I came to money coaching for a balanced checkbook, I stayed because I saw the potential for a balanced life.  With your help, I am creating an entirely different reality for myself. I have more awareness than I’ve ever had around so much more than just money, and the most exciting thing for me is knowing that I’m just getting started and there are so many more layers of healing and awareness ahead of me.

– Career Nanny in San Francisco

You are compassionate and free of judgement as you walk with me into the painful places where my habits and perceptions around money live. You express understanding and tolerance for me in that area as well as gracefully guide me back to reality when I cannot do so for myself.

I appreciate your positive and can-do attitude! Working with you helps to keep me more aware, accountable, and on track with my spending. Also, because of our work together, my ideas around value and worth have really started to shift. I am coming to understand more about my own inherent worth and value and how I can show (or not show) myself love.

The biggest change has been gaining the ability to see how I feel about myself as reflected in my spending and realizing I have so often spent money to please or get a certain response from other people.

– Director of Admissions at a college

I appreciate that you are very knowledgeable, mindful for where you coach from and never make me feel stupid or slow for not knowing or getting certain things. You work well with my belief of “inability” in myself, gently help me push through and accept where I am right now.

Your strengths are patience and willingness to allow me as the client to set the pace. You never force your agenda and always allow me to find my own pace in learning and recovering from spells of not inputing data.

You have helped me see that I can do it – I can manage my money and feel good about knowing where I am financially. I have never known where my money went, never had a long-term plan, never had purposed savings and rarely tracked my spending. The biggest change is in my confidence – that I can now plan, prepare and execute financially. I have been shown how to use wonderful tools and to think ahead about recurring expenses that come yearly that I have never planned for before. With that confidence comes a calmness in my daily life knowing where I am financially and now, I don’t have to carry it in my head and stress…Thank you for such a gift.

– Handyman / Small Business Owner in Fairfax, CA

What I enjoy most about Carrie is that she has a plan for me.  She is taking me through this process step by step, and there is an end goal.  Having a plan gives me peace that things are not random, and she’s not just “hoping” for success.  She’s planning on it.

Carrie’s greatest strength is her attention to detail as it relates to the specifics of how I personally deal with/think of money.  She pays attention to me as an individual, and seems to care about making the system work for me, as opposed to fitting me into the system.

Working with Carrie has given me an urgency to deal with money in a healthy way.  Knowing that I’m meeting with her each week keeps my focus on how I’m using money, because I know she’s going to ask me about it.

– Apple Computers Tech Support / Small Business Owner in New York City

If you want to make more money, you have to learn how to respect the money you already have. Carrie has helped me to respect myself, learn how to earn more and how to heal the money angst in my marriage. My husband and I have had a lot of trouble communicating clearly about our finances, and that inhibited us from making a clear life plan and following a monthly spending plan. Enter Carrie. She gracefully navigates financial recovery meetings with us in order to set us on the right track using a proper tracking system. She holds a very conscious, caring and directive space, focusing on both of our needs, wants and values. Her presence helps to offset all of the charge we usually bring to the money conversation. It’s one thing to have the skills to show people how to budget, but having an understanding of real human nature and relationship dynamics is another. As soon as we made our plan and discussed our next steps, I felt like a weight had been lifted. Our work together provides a sense of comfort, guidance and safety that I have been missing and wanting. Plus, if you’re going to spend time working on the intimate matters of your life, you better like the person you’re working with. Carrie is a dream come true.

– Stylist in New York City

This work is so deeply satisfying, Carrie. For so long, I’ve operated under the assumption that something or someone else would rescue me from myself, and being rescued from my financial situation was a big part of what I needed saving from. I hoped that a wealthy husband, a secret trust fund, or a large inheritance would save me.  This work brings deep relief with the undeniable certainty that I am the one rescuing myself, instead of the wishful hoping that someone else will come along with a life preserver filled with cash. Money coaching has brought me so many gifts, at the top of my list is the feeling that, ‘I’m going to be ok,’ and that is priceless. Thank you for your guidance.

– Teacher in San Rafael, CA

I’ve used Carrie’s services and it is truly amazing how she can help you get your financial house in order, achieve your financial goals and find money you didn’t know you have. She’s also given me simple and powerful advice on salary negotiation that really works. – Designer in Mill Valley, CA

Carrie is highly efficient, motivated and organized. She has one of the highest levels of integrity of anyone I’ve ever met and she is extremely intelligent. Her level of commitment to her money coaching practice and ability to follow through with each and every client is inspiring and astounding.
– Small Business Owner in San Francisco

My husband and I are both lawyers and Carrie’s performance as a money coach has surpassed our expectations. Not only does Carrie have all the qualities that one would look for in a financial counselor, such as a tireless work ethic, reliability, resourcefulness, intelligence and common sense, but she also has a number of other extraordinary qualities. Carrie is also one of the most grounded people I have ever met. She is unflappable— always calm and an excellent communicator. She is a strong, kind and smart woman with incredibly far-reaching talents and interests including yoga, world religions, technology, literature, tennis, cooking and writing.

– Attorney in San Francisco

Carrie is one of those rare people who can find a way to relate to any person, motivating each money coaching client to do and enjoy the work involved in the process of financial recovery. Carrie’s calm enthusiasm, openness with clients, knowledge on money matters, broad competence in many areas of study, experience with meditation techniques and her marvelous personality make her an ideal counselor, companion and friend. I highly recommend working with Carrie Birgbauer.

– Attorney and Stay-at-Home Mom in San Francisco

Carrie, it was great sitting down with you today and projecting my expenses and income for the new year. When I get married,  I am sending my fiance to you for money coaching before I start my life with him. Seriously, if comes down to choosing between an engagement ring or him spending a year with you, I’d choose you. Not only did I successfully set up my own monthly Money Minder spending plan, but as of now the balance for February is zero. I feel very empowered. I also wanted to share with you that as a result of tracking my money with the checkbook app, I’ve found the courage to track my calorie intake on a calorie tracking application. Tracking my calories and has brought my awareness of my relationship to food to a new level and is helping me turn a corner with my recovery from an eating disorder. I never would have been able to track my calories without first showing myself that I had the discipline to track my money. I love how recovery begets recovery. Thanks again, Carrie!

– Household Manager in Mill Valley, CA