Do you love shopping a little too much? Does enhancing your wardrobe bring on feelings of urgency, regret, guilt or even a high? Try shopping in your own closet, in other words, it’s time for a complete inventory of your wardrobe. This powerful tool, an antidote to both impulsive and compulsive shopping, should be practiced at least once a year. Invite a friend over for vetting. Take everything out of your closet, yes, everything. Have a notepad handy and keep a running list of specific wardrobe needs and desires that come up.

Sort the contents of your wardrobe into five piles:

1) Keep – Only if you can easily say, “I love it, I wear it and it fits.” Be aware of any wishful thinking, “Maybe someday…” Just say no!

2) Donate – Anything you haven’t worn in the last year. Has it been over a year? Then it definitely has to go. You can make an exception for particularly sentimental items and special occasion clothes – put them in a garment bag in the back of your closet. Make note to review this decision a year from now.

3) Throw Away – If it doesn’t fit, you never wear it, it’s too used or otherwise inappropriate for someone else to wear, toss it!

4) Sell – Try consigning anything of value: jackets, jewelry, your Jimmy Choo heels collection and other once loved items that aren’t a clear, “Yes!”

5) Fix – Put items aside that need hemming, ironing, new buttons or other alterations. Once you properly maintain your existing wardrobe, it will feel new!

Vaccum the dust balls and wipe down the shelves. You may need to get some new thin hangers, bins, boxes or boot inserts. Commit to finishing the project even if you need to take a break, run an errand for supplies or return to it tomorrow. Put each item back in a way that makes sense. Some people love sorting their clothes by type, season, color and sleeve length. Now, tackle your drawers, accessories, shoes and coat closet! Once you re-organize and spruce everything up, you’ll have a complete list of everything you actually need and you’ll feel awesome and inspired every time you go to get dressed. Prioritize your shopping needs and choose one affordable item to start with this month – you deserve it!