Are you happy and relieved that April 15th has come and gone this year?  I am!  I love tax day, but that wasn’t always true for me. Tax day is a mirror for your relationship with money.  For most people, taxes are their biggest expense of the year.  What was your experience in 2013?

Characteristics of a Healthy Taxpayer

  • Maintaining a tax savings account
  • A sense of control, calm and peace of mind while preparing your taxes
  • An empowering, systematic approach to tracking your personal and business expenses throughout the year
  • A positive, easy and affirming relationship with your accountant
  • Taking time to reflect on what went well with taxes this year and what you can improve upon
  • Taking action now to set yourself up for success next April
  • Receiving refunds

Characteristics of People with TAD – Taxpayer Anxiety Disorder

  • Suffering from behavior related to tax matters: overspending, overeating, overworking, distraction, deprivation, isolation, dishonesty, imbalance, poor physical health, anxiety, loss of sleep, restlessness, irritability or loss of appetite during or around tax season
  • Inability to address tax problems in a timely manner
  • Owing back taxes
  • Remaining disempowered and uneducated about your personal tax strategies and liabilities, a.k.a. “just signing the papers”
  • Going into credit card debt to pay taxes
  • Avoiding tax related responsibilities: paperwork, mail or phone calls
  • Behavioral paralysis with respect to addressing tax-related matters
  • A frightening, threatening or disconnected relationship with your accountant
  • Doing the same thing year after year expecting different results
  • Unexpectedly owing taxes

I used to be the client that my CPA dreaded.  Before getting help from a money coach, I was terribly disorganized with my finances, which contradicted the Type-A tendencies in other areas of my life.  I suffered through the process of cobbling together reliable information based on boxes of receipts, scribbled notes in multiple notebooks, and bank statements.  Now, I am my accountant’s dream client.  Ever since integrating the Money Minder process and tools into my personal and business finances, all it takes is a few clicks to generate the exact reports I need. And the best part? The discipline for staying in control of my money takes just five minutes a day.  Amazingly, taking this leap of faith and becoming mindful with my money impacted every area of my life from family dynamics to intimate relationships to business growth.  Account balances aside, a new, sustainable and holistic approach to financial freedom is just a phone call away.