Personal Finances Re-Org

Sett goals for what you want to accomplish and address in your financial life.

Couple’s Money Love

Be proactive in your financial partnership to ensure that you and your honey are on the same page.

Parents with Adult Children

The money coaching process provides a personal finance education.

Small Business Owners

From opening your doors to paying clients, Carrie will guide you in creating a sustainable business.


SF Money Coach offers customized workshops to families, home offices, organizations and business of all sizes.


Our work together includes:

-a custom presentation of personal finance or small business tools, distinctions and education for your audience

-an in-person 60-minute, 90-minute or 2-hour workshop

individual writing and reflection time

-a confidential space for sharing and asking questions

-comprehensive list of resources including software, free downloadable tools, book recommendations, and referrals to various professionals

-unlimited email support for two months following

-a complimentary phone consultation with Carrie for all attendees

We will cover:

-keys to success

-values clarification

-goal setting

-financial support team



-five reasons we overspend: periodics expenses, income, planning, emotions, credit cards

-how to build and sustain three levels of savings - periodics, safety net and investments

-debt and inheritance issues (if relevant)