Business Deductions – An Easy Explanation for Everyday People – view

Business Deductions – Schedule C Organizer – view

Debt & Savings Pyramid – view

Debt Calculator by CNN – view

Debt Calculator by Undebt It – view

Money Affirmations – download

MoneyMinder® Online

MoneyMinder® Online Quick Start Guide – view

MoneyMinder® Autobiography – view

Needs & Wants Explanation – download

SF Money Coach’s Blog

Periodic Expenses Explanation – download

Periodic Expenses Calendar – view

Personal Finance Reminder List – download

Savings Pyramid – view

Savings Pyramid – Blank – view

Tax Payments Online – view

Tracking – download

Underearning Assessment – download


Additional tools included in the money coaching process:

Values Clarification Exercise

Earning Ceiling Meditation

Strategic Debt Reduction Worksheet

Holiday Planner E-Book and Holiday MoneyMinder®

Life-Energy Number

Spending Journal

Work History Inventory